LotW - Logbook of the world

You know how it is sometimes difficult to get QSL card from some DX, a complete collection on award is much more difficult . And if after all these efforts all these QSLs send to another country by mail to confirm your request for the award, the applicant may be quite actual question arises of whether or not these cards are lost during the journey there and back ? Many did not dare to trust our wonderful Russian post. There are certainly a check-points in different countries, which check your card and the application (in our country R5AJ on the DXCC and R6AF on IOTA), but here there is their problem.

In the early 2000s, people from ARRL came to the same conclusion that I did. They have created a LOTW system (logbook of the world). With LotW may confirm QSOs without getting QSL cards. It's enough that you register in the LotW, send a copy of your license and a copy of the document proving your identity to ARRL to obtain a certificate, install a program LotW to your computer, and wait until all the DX station will do the same to have appeared in the LotW conducted confirmation QSOs with you.

But, how it works, already know almost everything - written many manuals "how use LotW" etc. We want to help you in specific cases where there is a QSO in the log, but LotW confirmation some reason does not come. All of these cases we consider here:

LoTW Express bulletin

LoTW Express - MCG

LoTW Express bulletin - issue #1