The electronic confirmation -

Has long been registered in the system, but never really did not use it, but especially not imagine what it is. Only paid attention to the fact that many amateurs who prefer digital modes, often during a QSO reported that only QSL via and no more, Emphasizing the fact that there are AG status. It is time to understand what it is actually, and that we can offer this system.

From the perspective of the designer's not like - acid colors, eye-catching (incidentally the same in design and own QSL cards from eQSL), but not talking about it.

Unlike LotW, which developed and oversees the organization ARRL, very private structure, where the main focus is just on making money, and user experience - it third.
Once logged in eQSL, immediately start looking for what AG. Saw that it was just a confirmation of your identity - that is, verification of your license and the document proving your identity - Authenticity Guaranteed.

I would not trust my documents no one private structure, , but is there an option pass this verification is much easier - by entering a username and password from the site LotW (as we all know, for LotW should initially send the documents to the ARRL, then only you can start working with system).

I, however, and then doubted the correctness of the decision to enter the password from another site, but my friends assured that there is nothing wrong with that. Well, it was the identification process, received the status of Authenticity Guaranteed. I was just curious to see what's next, because I could not open any link with electronic awards, everywhere was written that you first need to get this AG status:
Prior to obtaining the status AG
After obtaining status AG

As you can see, little has changed. In fact, I lived without this status since the opening, and not any reason obtain it.

In LotW everything is transparent - if you went through the procedure of identification - welcome to all system functions. Will you use them or not, it does not matter, but you see all that you have and where it is necessary to further efforts to confirm the conditions of award, here on every page, you can see the inscription "Pay", "Pay", "Pay", and then we'll probably show something (maybe) . Why would I do if I can not look at even QSO to the my favorite US CHA, and see only "give money" (as would have been interesting to open a table with confirmed counties, but do not show): - Access to information for awards closed.

But this option is another American award in LotW:

LotW - Access to information for awards open.

So how do you think, what I chose? Yes, we can say that both the type of use - Nope, do not persuade me, I do not like such a formula: Pay today, and tomorrow we'll show cat in a bag (if there is one) - untranslatable Russian humor.

So finally chose - LotW YES, NO.