7P8 - Lesotho

From April 22 to May 1, 2014 expedition active from Lesotho as part G8APB (7P8CP), HB9OCR (7P8OC), K5LBU (7P8CF), K5YY (7P8YY), K9APW (7P8AP), N5JR (7P8JR) and ZS6RJ (7P8RJ).
In principle, our country is simple, had nothing but problems with RTTY at the beginning of the expedition, as a lot of wanting to have worked exactly this mode.

Specifically on the callsign:
7P8OC - working in SSB, listens only 5 kHz up, at the one frequency, so there may be problems of calling at low power - within an hour called them at 100 watts and 5 element yagi, but was always someone from Western Europe, who could be heard louder, so that failure. Note that when the changed operator and at microphone op. K5YY (7P8YY), then gave a wealth of information about the expedition, and also began to listen to 5-15 kHz UP. QSO took place with the first call.

7P8JR - RTTY. Listen from 1 to 5 kHz UP the main Europeans went wild at the site above its 1-2 kHz frequency, Russia mainly worked on the boundary of 5 kHz, DX went on frequencies without a special system, it seems that snatched the loudest signals. QSO took place after 3 hours from the beginning, quite spontaneously called on the frequency of some Italian previous QSO, well, apparently so happened that the frequency of calling was no other.

7P8CP - RTTY. Listen from 1 to 2 kHz UP and strictly not go beyond the upper limit. Europe was angry because the DX answered mostly Japanese and Americans, 2 hours the call I was kind of like the first, not only from Russia but also from Europe. Had become stupidly 1 kHz above DX and constantly calling. At some point, all the callers were reconstructed by 2 kHz above and QSO took place.

QSL. QSL cards for this expedition sends each expedition members themselves, so all send to home calls.

LotW. In LotW currently registered 7P8CP (Last upload for 7P8CP: 2014-04-28 02:42:10 Z) - It seems that immediately load into LotW logs and 7P8CF, there is hope that K9APW, N5JR and ZS6RJ, who have accounts in LotW, will upload their logs for this expedition. For other hard to say, because they are not registered in LotW site and see if they so desire, unknown. Therefore, I recommend to work in the first place with 7P8CP, 7P8CF, 7P8AP, 7P8JR and 7P8RJ.

May 5, 2014: 7P8JR and 7P8CP logs uploaded to LotW.

ClubLog. 7P8CP and 7P8RJ accounts on clublog open, but QSOs not uploaded, 7P8JR all QSOs loaded - you can check. Others does not registered at the moment.

QSL-cards for the previous activity from Lesotho:

Lesotho - ZS4NS/7P8

Lesotho - 7P8AA

7P8AA logs uploaded to LotW.