4U1UN - United Nations HQ

Read the official press release responsible for working 4U1UN: due to renovations of the UN building in 2010 all 4U1UN radio antennas were removed (temporarily), and operation of this radio station since 2010 and currently (spring 2014) is not planning.
In the 80-90s had no problems with the confirmation 4U1UN, station worked in almost all major HF contests, QSL manager was WB8LFO, the card can be obtained via the bureau.

Then everything changed dramatically - the activity of the UN headquarters in the air has dropped significantly , the manager became HB9BOU. I do not know how about 4U1UN QSLing in present time, but I do not confirm my old 90s QSO with 4U1UN and do not received QSL-card. At first I thought that the logs are lost, and for this reason I have not received QSL, but HB9BOU has all logs since 1985. Then there is the question: what are QSL-cards have not sent to me? Will duplicate another one. As they write, all requests for bureau at the end of 2012 processed - whether there was nothing after processing in the absence of activity, or something else. In the near future will check this.

4U1UN - Организация Объединенных Наций
4U1UN - United Nations HQ

Rare territory obviously contrived, all the more puzzling why not uploaded all 4U1UN logs to LotW? It was announced that the overall logs since 2004 upload to LotW, when the activity is almost not there. What prevented earlier logs to upload? All logs since 1985 in electronic form, Account LotW there. What's the problem? Try to understand.