Installation of antennas Yagi on MCG roof 2007

Sometime in the early 2000s, Vyacheslav UA3RJ moved to another location and gave our radioclub all of its antennas, masts, lifts and everything else.
With the help of a big truck all equipment was removed from Nikiforovka, brought to the club and neatly folded.
But by 2007, the club's antenna Qubical Quad did not survive the hurricane and fell to the ground, nearly knocking a couple of glasses. It was therefore decided to look towards the gift and install the YAGI antennas on our roof.

Work had all, been recruited urgently our president RV3RV and RA3RDW's younger brother.
Photo report of the event below:

5-el Yagi 28 mhz 5 element Yagi for 28 mhz is relatively easy to mount

3-el Yagi 14 mhz

3-el Yagi 14 mhz 3 element Yagi for 14 mhz ready to climb
In the background is already installed 5 elements YAGI for 10m and antenna for mults search GAP Titan DX.

RV3RV RN3RQ RA3RDW The main "driving force" - RV3RV, RN3RQ, RA3RDW

RN3RQ RA3RDW "up" or "down"? - RN3RQ, RA3RDW
(back wall "painted" RA3RGD's son)

RV3RV RN3RQ That's it? No, that is! - RV3RV, RN3RQ

RA3RDW Tolyan RV3RV RN3RQ They, you know, fun. And I was there one hanging on the mast... - RA3RDW, Tolyan, RV3RV, RN3RQ

3-el Yagi 14mhz Next photograph was once - last shot at dusk
(In the frame hit the cable going to the 2 element Yagi on 80m with active power).

RA3RDW Tolyan The sun goes down - mounting elements on boom 4-el Yagi 21mhz - RA3RDW, Tolyan

4-el Yagi 21mhz Strange, but we did it ... - 4 element Yagi for 21mhz

5-el Yagi 28mhz The final shot in the dark - 5 elements Yagi for 28mhz and GAP Titan DX

Filmed and climb the masts RW3RQ.

Many thanks to all who participated in the event:
RN3RQ, RW3RQ, RV3RV, RA3RDW, Tolyan.