Club events

Held many events that establish our radio club, or attended by members of the club. On some of them we want to tell you. Most often, these stories will be presented in the form of photo reports, but there will be other forms of presentation.

VHF Field Day 2012 by RW3RQ

RN3RQ birthday and IARU HF Contest - July 2012

Special event callsigns.
RG22RQ - Winter Olympics Games in Sochi 2014

UE16MM - Formula One first Russian Grand Prix in Sochi 2014

RDA activations.
RK3RZM/p - TB-28 - July 2011

R5RQQ/p - TB-28 - August 2011

RQ3R/p - TB-20 - August 2013

Participation in Russian conferences and festivals.
HAM festivals

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Radio MCG - Michurinsk 2005

Unscheduled meeting

Discussion about upcoming trips IOTA and WFF 2007 season.
Planning IOTA and WFF expeditions

Installation of antennas "Yagi" on MCG roof - 2007.
Yagi antenna installation