GACW WWSA CW DX Contest rules

These contest are held annually by Argentine club GACW in second weekend of June, CW only. Duration of 24 hours, a rules below:


Time: second weekend of June, from 15.00 gmt Saturday to 15.00 Sunday. Test time 24 hours for all categories.

Modes: only CW

Bands: from 10 to 80 meters

- single op - single band (HP, LP & QRP)
- single op - multi bands (HP, LP & QRP)
- multi ops - single tx
- multi ops - many tx

Immediately about the limitations in categories: the use of cluster in "single op" category - prohibited - immediately override to the "multi ops" caterory.
For category "multi ops - single tx" - 10 minutes rule.

Exchange: report and CQ zone.

Points for QSO:
- 0 points for QSO with same country (QSO count for mult only)
- 1 points for QSO with other country same continent
- 3 points for QSO with other continent
- 5 points for QSO with South America

- each country on each band
- each zone on each band

Some comments on the rules: in the rules of these contest for some reason does not say anything about the rewards, that is, nothing is said. When I decided in 2008 to take part in them, I casually read this rules, used cluster, active spots of other hams, The report pointed "assisted" category - eventually I was overrided to the "multi ops", where I successfully took second place. But for this second got nothing, award for participation is not even sent, but in theory should, since in the first place plaques awarded. But nothing has been sent, even the electronic version of the award.

Longer participate in this test I have no desire to appear. For those who will work, show log of my work, and some thoughts on the test in 2008: