EA RTTY Contest rules

These contest are held annually by national amateur radio organization of Spain (URE) in first weekend of April, RTTY only. Duration of 24 hours, a rules below:

EA RTTY Contest.

Time: first weekend of April, from 16.00 gmt Saturday to 16.00 Sunday. Test time 24 hours for all categories.

Modes: only RTTY

Bands: from 10 to 80 meters

- single op - single band
- single op - multi bands (HP & LP)
- multi ops

Exchange: report and serial number (for EA - report and EA province).

Points for QSO:
- 3 points for QSO with EA
- 1 point for QSO with other countries

- each EADX100 country on each band
- each EA province on each band
- each W, VE, JA and VK call aria on each band

When in 2014 I decided to work in this test, need only one goal: getting in the RTTY missing U.S. states, so not working for result, during those hours and those bands, where was the propogation to North America.

But, nevertheless, logs sent on time, and recently received here so cute electronic award for participation in contest:

EA RTTY 2014 - RW3RQ
EA RTTY 2014 - RW3RQ